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Mortar Pump NM 430E

The Mortar Pump Machine is assembled and receives technological support from Taiwan. it’s a mix of three main parts, which incorporates a Main Pump, a Mixer and a square Hopper additionally to different accessories.

Machine functionalities:

  1. The Mixer – The Mixer mixes sand associated cement in an anticlockwise or right-handed motion, guaranteeing the best mixture of the materials.
  2. Together with the square Hopper and also the vibrator it ensures separation of unwanted materials from the combination.
  3. The Main Pump – pumps the processed mortar (work best with EC-Mix™ Mortar Additives) to selected worksites higher than ground.


1. Powerful enough to pump up to 75m high/distance of 120m with output of 2 – 3m3 per hour

2. Efficient separation of unwanted materials from Square Hopper’s efficient vibrator

3. Extra large capacity Mixer and Square Hopper for increased material production

4. Technology from Taiwan with trained professionals for service & repair

5. Shortened material delivery time

6. Reduced material wastage

7. Extended production time

8. Extended production time

9. Consistent quality

10. Easy to maintain

11. Cost effective