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Multi-Purpose Bonding Agent Firma Agent 298

Multi-Purpose Firma Agent 298 Bonding Agent: The Best Solution To Hollow Tiles

  1. Advanced formula to prevent fall-off tiles
  2. Specially formulated to increase bonding between tiles and wall
  3. Super strong bonding for maximum grip on tiles.
  4. Money saving, lower cost per square foot as compared to conventional tile adhesive
  5. Easy and ready to use.

Firma Agent 298 Applications

  1. Recommended for wall and floor tiles, marbles, cement boards, shear wall, plywood, etc
  2. Laying tiles on tiles for renovation
  3. Also for installation of tiles on wooden surface (plywood and cement board)
  4. To bond old & new concrete together (eg. defects work)

Firma Agent 298 Advantages

  1. Non-flammable
  2. High Bonding
  3. Non-toxic
  4. High Water Retention
  5. Weather Resistance

How To Use Firma Agent 298

  1. Determine one or two layers of application
  2. Clean work surface from dust, grease and wax
  3. Apply Firma Agent 298 onto work surface and the back of tile using a paint brush or roller brush
  4. Allow at least 20 minutes of drying before proceed working on the surface coated with Firma Agent 298
  5. Pour MH Pro 299 cement enhancer into cement and mix well. Click here to learn more about MH Pro 299 
  6. Apply cement mix onto the back of tile. attached tile on wall

Multi-Purpose Firma Agent 298 Coverage

  1. +/- 3,000 sf / 19 litres