Nilai Mayang Sdn Bhd

MH Plaster Render 399

MH Plaster Render 339

MH Plaster Render 399 is a special formulated cement-sand base render contains cement, graded sand & chemicals for a wide range of application from wall rendering to bricklaying.

It is prepare packed cement & sand plaster to replace the traditional on site mixes of cement & sand.

MH Plaster Render 399 is ready to use with just add water & can trowel up to maximum thickness of 20mm.

It suitable for both interior & exterior application.

Key Features / Benefits:

  1. Consistent on Product Quality
  2. Good Workability & Bonding
  3. Require Less Labour
  4. Easy To Use
  5. Reduce Wastage of Materials
  6. Cost & Time Saving