Nilai Mayang Engineering Sdn Bhd

KB Tile Glue 118

KB Tile Glue 118 Product Features

  1. KB Tile Glue 118, C2TE is specially formulated tile adhesive for large sized tiles which fully compliance with European Norm EN 12004 Class 2 as improved Tile Adhesive
  2. KB Tile Glue 118 is a white powder composed of organic polymer and special additives. It is packed into 2 different weight at 200 grams and 1 kilogram. It needs to be mixed with cement, sand and water in order to produce the mortar yield.
  3. The mortar paste will be easily used for tile laying
  4. Less shrinkage crack occurs underneath the tile
  5. Superb adhesion to many types of different substrates eg. cement screed floor, concrete wall and others
  6. Better workability
  7. Easier to adjust the level at paused working area
  8. Minimise the possibility of tile debond

KB Tile Glue 118 Recommended Applications

  1. Ceramic, porcelain and vitreous glazed tiles, stone materials and mosaic for interior and exterior wall and floor installation
  2. For any tile size larger than 400mm x 400mm and above
  3. Required higher bonding strength > 1N/mm2
  4. Firmly installed gypsum board, cement board
  5. Cement render wall or floor, concrete wall, under floor heating installation

KB Tile Glue 118 Innovative Green Products

  1. Reduced cost of transportation, labour cost, manufacturing costs by reducing its weight to only 1kg and 200g packing sizes
  2. Achieving better economy of scales at lower cost of production efficiently and effectively
  3. Less shrinkage and reduce the maintenance work

KB Tile Glue 118 Application Procedures

  1. Applying surface must be cleaned up and free from grease, skim coat cement, paints loose part from substrates
  2. damp substrates will slow down the tile adhesive setting time

Quality Product Assurance – Tensile Pull Out Test

KB Tile Glue 118 shall have the minimum tensile pull out test at 1.0N/mm2. Nilai Mayang Sdn Bhd has provided the best effort to manufacture the tile adhesive additives which shall attained the best quality. Our tensile pull out test is available based on request for our quality assurance